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Six Musical Notes

Dir. : Toma Leroux / 2019 / 7 min / France / Prod. : HKE Production




Toma Leroux

Toma studied at the Parisian film school FEMIS, and then became a a documentary filmmaker and a script writer for TV programs. He co-directed the animated short film “Lune” with Patrick Delage, and they are currently working on a feature film based on the same character.

Les Cineastes en herbe (2009, documentary, 4x52’), Le Casting (2011, animation, 10’), Petit à petit (2012, documentary, 52’), Lune et le Loup (2014, animation), Where is Tess? (2016, fiction), Lili within the Clouds (2017, fiction)

  Script Toma Leroux, Mariem Hamidat
  Camera Pierre Cottereau, Marion Koch
  Graphic design Jean-Luc Calais
  Animation Nedzad Hadzic, Thibault Fretay
  Cast Tess Leroux, Sarah Grapin
  Sets Citronelle Dufay, Stephane « Moustik » Hillairet  
  Director’s assistant Frederic Castelnau  
  Editing Nadege Kintzinger             
  Sound Alexandre Hernandez, Nicolas Tonnerre, Melissa Petitjean  
  Music Mathieu Langlet  
  Special effects Jean-Paul and Matthieu Leroux  
  Producer Mariem Hamidat  

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75010 Paris
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