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Across My Land

Dir. : Fiona Godivier / 2017 / 15 min 20 / USA-France / Prod. : Random Bench Productions




Fiona Godivier

Fiona Godivier is a Franco-Chilean filmmaker, living between Paris and Los Angeles. She studied photography at the International Center of Photography in New York, 3D computer animation at Studio Mercier in Paris, and then she started directing music videos and fashion films. In 2014, she directed and produced in Los Angeles her first short film "Deep Down", with the participation of Scarlett Johansson (Best Short Experimental Film Award at the Toronto Short Film Festival). Her second short, "Across My Land", directed in 2016 in Arizona, was co-produced by Joaquin Phoenix and Random Bench Productions.

  Script Fiona Godivier, Thymaya Payne  
  Camera Kenton Drew Johnson  
  Cast Summer Phoenix, Timothy V. Murphy, Preston Bailey, Gaia Peddy
  Sets Katie Dineen  
  Editing Giulia Rodino  
  Sound Boris Chapelle, Phil Jackson, Matthieu Langlet  
  Sound editing Boris Chapelle  
  Music Jackson  
  Producer Michael Tubbs, Adrian Salpeter, Liz Levine, Fiona Godivier
  Executive producer Joaquin Phoenix  

Fiona Godivier