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Alone Together

Dir. : Benjamin Marchal / 2018 / 4 min / France / Prod. : A Bird On The Moon & Jungler



Director, Script

Benjamin Marchal

Benjamin Marchal was a musician and worked in a record store specialized in vinyl, in a time the world was not yet "uberised", then he directed music videos in a time when people watched music videos at home and not only in the waiting rooms of dentists... Today, he's an artistic director, author and director of commercials and music videos, many times rewarded, including 3 Golden Lions in the film category of Cannes Lions, the International Festival of Creativity (in 2005, 2009 and 2016).

Non exhaustive filmography :
Music videos : The Kooks, Saycet, Omahabitch… 
Commercials : McDonald's, Teddy Smith, Handsaway, Playstation, Le Mouv'…

  Sculptures  Valerie Hadida  
  3D Supervisor  Yannick Waechter  
  Modelisation  Thomas Ricquier, Sebastien Haure, Elliott Broutin, Antoine Blancon, Geoffroy De Moncuit  
  Animation Alban Lelievre, Thomas Ricquier, Alexandre Daumail  
  Textures  Thomas Ricquier, Eliott Broutin, Antoine Blancon, Geoffroy De Moncuit  
  BlendShapes  Sebastien Haure, Alban Lelievre  
  Rig  Manon Sailly  
  Rendering, Lightning, Compositing  Thomas Ricquier, Yannick Waechter  
  Special effects Quentin Dufour  
  Music Pierre Lefeuvre (Saycet)  
  Sound editing Sebastien Cannas  
  Producer  Thomas Laurent  
  Production manager  Baptiste Legois  

A Bird On The Moon
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