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Direction and production : Alexandre Dubosc / 2011 / 2 min 48 / France



Director, Script, Camera, Sound

Alexandre Dubosc

Alexander Dubosc studied computer graphics in Sup.Info.Com (in Valenciennes), and then got a European Master in Art ( M.A.I.S.C.A.) degree in the same field. He worked on special effects for cinema and television for several Parisian companies, mainly “Mac Guff Ligne”. Always curious and fascinated by the image, he directed and participated in the making of several short films combining 2D and 3D techniques. He also carries out a personal creative process in photography, related to his perception of animation.

Filmography : "L’Amante" 2002, "Rencontre éléments terre" 2006, "Trans Formes" 2008, "Trois dès" 2010, "Food About You" 2010, "Show co show" 2011, "Alimation" 2011.

  Animation, Editing Alexandre Dubosc, Juliette Loubières  

Alexandre Dubosc

Ph. : (+33) 952 54 15 66
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