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Alphonse Gets Lost

Dir. : Jean-Luc Greco et Catherine Buffat / 2016 / 14 min / France / Prod. : Les Films à Carreaux



Script, Graphic design, Sets, Sound


Jean-Luc Greco et Catherine Buffat

Jean-Luc Greco
Jean-Luc Greco was born in 1965 in Saint-Chamond, in France. In 1983, he entered the Graphic design department of the Fine Arts Academy of Valence. After his studies, he started to work at Folimage Studio as a designer of sets and puppets. He discovered various animation techniques and became a inbetweener in 1991. He published comics, children's books and illustrations, under the pen name Spata. He exhibited at the International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna, at the Itabashi Museum in Tokyo and at Valence’s Theater. He met Catherine Buffat at Folimage where their collaboration as codirectors has begun.

Catherine Buffat
Catherine Buffat was born in 1966 in Bourg-de-Peage, in France. After her studies at the Fine Arts Academy of Saint-Etienne, she worked as an opaquer, inbetweener and stop motion animator. In 1998, she illustrated the children's book “The Ogre” (Editions du Ha Ha!). From 1998 to 2004, she animated puppet films (“La Cancion du microsillon” by Laurent Pouvaret, “A Love of TV's” by Denis Walgenwitz) and worked as a graphic designer. Her path crossed Jean-Luc Gréco at Folimage 17 years ago, and their collaboration gave birth to 8 short films.


  Camera Jean-Pierre Chaligne  
  Animation Gregoire Lemoine, Jean-Luc Greco, Catherine Buffat
  Editing Hervé Guichard  
  Music Alexis Pecharman  
  Voice cast Gabriel Gros, Hugo Guichard, Gregoire Lemoine, Frederique Guichard, Herve Guichard, Julien Vicomte, Armelle Mercat  
  Mix David Mouillon  
  Producer Laurent Pouvaret  

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