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Water Path for a Fish

Dir. : Mercedes Marro / 2016 / 8 min / France-Spain-Colombia
Prod. : Folimage-Tomavistas-Digitz Film-Planet Nemo Animation




Mercedes Marro

Mercedes Marro studied Fine Arts in Barcelona (1982-1987). In 1986 she founded with other students the production company Maru Basamon where she directed TV commercials and music videos. Some of them (Mediterraneo, Un Español en Nueva York) became famous for their innovative combination of animation and real footage. In 1997 she joined Pirulí Movies as creative director. In 2001 she founded Tomavistas, company that she leads with Pierre Nothman and focusing on series and concepts for kids.

  Script Xavier Romero  
  Graphic design, Sets Elsa Duhamel  
  Animation Meliza Mayor  
  Editing Conrado Lopez, Isabel Lozano, Miquel Alcoriza, Marie-Laure Vanglabeke  
  Compositing Conrado Lopez    
  Sound Marcos Martinez, Pierre-Jean Beaudoin    
  Music Romain Trouillet  

Frederic Duhamel

  Producer Corinne Destombes  

La Cartoucherie, Rue de Chony
26500 Bourg-les-Valences
Ph. : (+33) 475 78 48 68
E-mail :
Website :



Tomavistas (Spain), Digitz Film (Colombia), Planet Nemo Animation (France)