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The Cat's Regret

Dir. : Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli / 2018 / 8 min 37 / France-Belgium / Prod. : Folimage-Lunanime





Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli

Alain Gagnol studied Illustration, cartooning and animation at the Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon. With a degree in graphic arts, he joined Folimage as an animator. He’s also a writer of crime novels.

Jean-Loup Felicioli studied Fine Arts in Annecy, Strasbourg, Perpignan and Valence and joined the Folimage Studio as an animator in 1987. He worked as production designer on the feature film “Raining Cats and Frogs” (2001).

In 1996, they directed “The Egoist”, a collaboration which would continue for many more projects, including the feature films “A Cat in Paris” and “Phantom Boy”. They now work on their next feature film, “Tulipe”.

Commun filmography: L’Egoïste (4’, 1995),  Les Tragédies minuscules (10 x 3’30, 1998), Le Nez à la fenêtre (4’, 2001), Le Couloir (16’, 2004), Mauvais temps (5’, 2006), Une Vie de chat (64’, 2010), Un plan d’enfer (5’, 2015), Phantom Boy (85’, 2015).

  Script Alain Gagnol  
  Graphic design Jean-Loup Felicioli  
  Animation Alain Gagnol, Sylvie Leonard Victorino, Pascal Vermeersch  
  Colouring Maryse Tuzi  
  Editing Herve Guichard  
  Voice cast Philippe Nahon, Melvil Bert  
  Sound design Loic Burkhardt  
  Music Serge Besset  
  Music Mix Gerard Labady  
  Mix Cedric Lionnet  
  Special effects, compositing Izu Troin  
  Producer Reginald de Guillebon  

La Cartoucherie, Rue de Chony
26500 Bourg-les-Valence
Ph. : (+33) 475 78 48 68
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