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The Lunatic Council

Dir. : Christophe Gautry & Arnaud Demuynck / 2010 / 12 min / France-Belgium / Prod. : Les Films du Nord





Christophe Gautry and Arnaud Demuynck

Christophe Gautry
Graduated from the ECMA (script) and La Poudrière (animation) schools, Christophe Gautry starts working as a 3D animator for the French studio 2D/3D Animations. Soon, he meets the Folimage studio animation team and starts to collaborate as an After Effect animator on various projects. Then he directs the compositing of the TV special “Le Noël de Léon”, released later in French theatres on a short film program called “1,2,3 Léon”. In 2006, he meets Arnaud Demuynck and takes in charge the graphic design and the codirection of two short films, “La Vita Nuova” and “Le Concile lunatique”.

Arnaud Demuynck
After having written several original scenarios for fiction and animated films, in 2000 with L’Ecluse (The Lock) Arnaud Demuynck set out to direct a “choreographic fiction”. In 2001 he decided to focus exclusively on animation and directed his “choreographic trilogy”: Signs of Life (2004), The Shadow of the Veil (2006) and Breakout (2007). While also pursuing his career as a producer of short films, which he considers as a vital genre for animation (see his catalogue at, he began, in 2007, to develop a series, Par les fenêtres (Through the windows), inspired by 19th century poets. In 2008, he co-writes his first full length film Le Vilain Petit Chartreux (The Naughty Little Chartreux), with director Fabrice Luang-Vija. It was again with this other animation enthusiast that he set up in 2006, the first website entirely devoted to selling short animated films on line.

  Script Arnaud Demuynck, inspired by the poems of Jules Laforgue  
  Graphic design, Creation of the puppets Christophe Gautry  
  Construction of the puppets David Thomasse, Souad Wedell, Maëlle Bossard  
  Animation Marjolaine Parot, Pierre-Luc Granjon, Vincent Bierrewaerts, Christophe Gautry  
  Compositing Céline Legrand, Damien Welsh  
  Original Music and arrangements Michel De Rudder  
  Song’s themes Arthur H  
  Sound Editing Christian Cartier  
  Mix Marina Lersch  
  Voices Arthur Higelin (the poet), Franck Monnet (the lamppost), Alain Duclos (Hamlet), Bénédicte Chabot (the swan woman)  
  Producer Arnaud Demuynck  

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