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A Story for Cucu

Dir. : Anne-Laure Daffis and Leo Marchand / 2016 / 23 min / France / Prod. : Lardux Films



Directors, Script, Graphic design, Editing

Anne-Laure Daffis and Leo Marchand


Anne-Laure Daffis and Leo Marchand studied Fine Arts at the Sorbonne University (Paris). Leo has then worked as a sound assistant and production assistant on short films and published with Anne-Laure an art book entitled "A good bit”. After 7 films directed together, in live-action and in animation, they spent two and a half years directing the film "Life With No Tricks". During this period, they often presented their animation technique to festivals’ and cinemas’ audiences.

Filmography: “Surtout il pleut” (1999, fiction, 3’30), “Jambes en l’air” (1999, fiction, 2’30), “Mon Voisin Christian déménage” (2000, documentary, 26’), “On a beau être bête, on a faim quand même” (Pretty Dumb and Hungry Too, 2001, animation, 11’), “La Saint-Festin” (Saint-Feast Day, 2007, animation, 15’), “Les Cowboys n’ont pas peur de mourir” (Cowboys Aren’t Afraid to Die, 2009, live action and animation, 17’) “Fatigués d’être beaux” (2012, live action, 30’), « Life With No Tricks » (2013, animation, 26’).

  Cast Cosme Castro, Ariane Gilot  
  Camera Hugues Poulain  
  Animation Pierre-Yves Fave  
  Sets Tifenn Morvan  
  Sound Jules Valeur, Tristan Pontécaille  
  Sound editing Adam Wolny, Jean-Baptiste Fave, Cyrile Lauwerier  
  Mix Nathalie Vidal  
  Producer Christian Pfohl  

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