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Daisies and Dragon

Dir. : Anais Sorrentino / 2015 / 5 min / France-Belgium / Prod. : Les Films du Nord



Director, Script, Animation, Editing

Anais Sorrentino

Anais Sorrentino studied animation in the French animation schools ESAAT (Roubaix) and Supinfocom (Valenciennes). Her graduation film “Parque” (2006) was codirected with Celine Boivin. She then worked for video games, as a 3D animator at Hydravision Entertainment, and then as head of the Animation Department of Mighty Rocket Studio. In 2014, she directed her first professional short film, “Daisies and Dragon”.

  Cast Benedicte Chabot (narrator), Roxane Sorrentino (Roxane), Alix Guerlus-Cadart and Romane Boutry (friends), Elias Vervecken (dragon), Eric Guesquiere (rooster, cat)  
  Music Hello Mic  
  Foley Elias Vervecken  
  Sound editing Christian Cartier  
  Mix Nils Fauth
  Producer Arnaud Demuynck  

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