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El Terrible El Bubar

Dir. : Feuk & Keuf / 2013 / 2 min 25 / France / Prod. : Je Suis Bien Content



Director, Backgrounds, Editing

Franck Guillou (Feuk) & Franck Bonnet (Keuf)


Franck Guillou

Franck Guillou studied Fine-Arts in Angouleme and Angers, and then left for Paris, where he planned on working in publishing, but finaly finds himself working for cartoons…
Filmography : Zob de Moor (1998), Ponchour (2008), serie One Minute at the Museum - Seasons 1 to 4 (2003-2009).


Franck Bonnet

Like an art-adventurer, Franck Bonnet traveled around the world, with a few stops in animation studios. He finally settled down back in Paris, where so many projects are to be achieved.

  Script Franck Guillou  
  Animation Damien Barreau, Francois Leroy  


Yann Lacan  
  Music Franck Bonnet  
  Producers Marc Jousset, Perrine Capron  

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