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Diary of a Fridge

Dir. : Joséphine Derobe / 2011 / 8 min 30 / France-Belgium / Prod. : Les Films du Nord



Director, Script


Josephine Derobe

Josephine Derobe first was a reporter and photographer. In 2006, she explored stereoscopic photographic and cinematographic shooting, and today, she works for stereoscopic 3D feature films as a stereographer. She worked on "Sea Rex" 3D Imax film Ronan Chapalain and Pascal Vuong (2010) and on Wim Wenders' film "Pina" (2011) on the dance company of Pina Bausch. Her short film "Diary of a Fridge" is the first film produced in pixilation and in stereoscopic 3D.

  Director's assistant Renaud Gast  
  Cast Clément Sibony, Crystal Shepherd-Cross  
  Camera Hugo Barbier  
  Stereographers Joséphine Derobe, Hugo Barbier, Alain Derobe  
  Sets Nicolas Prier  
  SFX and post-production supervisors Pascal Charpentier, Hugo Barbier  
  Compositing Benjamin Westercamp, Julien Schickel, Joséphine Derobe
  Editing Julien Schickel  
  Original soundtrack, Sound editing Falter Bramnk  
  Sound effects Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans  
  Mix Michel Coquette  
  Producers Arnaud Demuynck, Thierry Barbier, François Brun  

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