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Ghosts World

Dir. : Jerome Boulbes / 2014 / 4 min 50 / Japan-France



Director, Script, Graphic design, Animation, Editing, Production

Jerome Boulbes

Jerome Boulbes studied at the "École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs" in Paris where he got a master degree in Illustration. In 1999 his first short film, "Le Puits" (The Well), obtained numerous prizes in festivals. Five other shorts followed: “La Mort de Tau” (The Death of Tau, 2001), “Rascagnes” (2003), “Éclosion” (Emergence, 2006), “Masques” (Masks, 2009) and “Le Printemps” (The Spring, 2012). In these films, he tried to develop his own fantastic and poetic universe and to explore the possibilities of 3D computer generated images. He attended two artist residences: «Villa Kujoyama» in Kyoto in 2007 and «Maison des Auteurs» in Angouleme (France) in 2008. He has been teaching computer graphics and animation in schools and he is now faculty member of the Kyushu Sangyo University in Japan.

  Music O’death Jug (Michel Henritzi, Christophe Langlade)