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Dir. : Charlie Aufroy / 2018 / 4 min 26 / France



Director, Script, Editing, Production

Charlie Aufroy

As a 3D animator at Illumination Mac Guff (Universal), Charlie Aufroy worked on feature films such as "Minions", "The Secret Life of Pets", "Despicable Me 3", and currently "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". In 2017, he decided to work on a more personal project, with a human scale. His short film “Kaal” has been made at Supamonks Studio’s “SupaResidence”, an animators residency.

  Graphic design Charlie Aufroy, Augustin Clermont  
  Sets Tai Wedekind  
  Animation Charlie Aufroy, Jeremie Soilihi, Colin Japiot, Augustin Clermont, Hugo Cierzniak, Daniel Ly  
  Animation support Elise Bernateau, Guillaume Bonnaire, Pierre Bottai, Quentin Bouillet, Agathe Bulik, Julie Cervantes, Abel Blouzon, Alexis Fernandez, J√©remy Fromentin, Anne-Lise Gadonnaud, Thibaut Gouilloux, Cloe Hommeril, Morgan Jacot, Alexandre Monge, Olivier Montero, Claudia Coviello, Eddy Okba, Kevin Phou  
  Sound Cedric Denooz  
  Music Erwann Chandon