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Kiki of Montparnasse

Dir. : Amelie Harrault / 2013 / 14 min 27 / France / Prod. : Les Trois Ours



Direction, Script

Amelie Harrault

Amelie Harrault first studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Toulouse, and then at EMCA, the animation school of Angoulême. Then she started her first professional short film, "Kiki of Montparnasse". During this period, she also worked as a colorist on the pilot of the serie "C'est bon !" (That's good!) directed by Serge Elissalde as well as on two short films, "Betty Blues" by Remi Vandenitte and "Le 3ème Œil" (The 3rd Eye) by Jerome Perillat. She also organised animation workshops for children and adults, and illustrated two poetry books by Pierre Soletti.

  Sets Amelie Harrault, Delphine Chauvet  
  Animation Lucile Duchemin, Serge Elissalde, Amelie Harrault  
  Editing Rodolphe Ploquin  
  Compositing Joan Frescura, Amelie Harrault  
  Sound Yan Volsy  
  Sound effects Daniel Gries  
  Main voice Marie-Christine Orry (Kiki)  
  Music Olivier Daviaud  
  Producers Serge Elissalde, Olivier Catherin  

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