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Lady of the Night

Created by Attie Albertus, directed by Laurent Boileau / 2014 / 9 min 40 / France / Prod. : AttieStudio



Created by

Attie Albertus

Born in 1988, Attie Albertus (Attie Esterhuizen) started writing classical music from an early age. His first orchestral works were performed from the age of 14 and his compositions continue to be recorded by famed musicians and orchestras around the world. This is his first animation musical, the endeavor stemming from his passion for this particular genre of film. He holds a close relationship with 8-time academy award winner and Disney musical composer Alan Menken whom regularly gives feedback on Albertus’s work.




Laurent Boileau

Following a 10 year career as a chief editor of over 30 documentaries, Laurent Boileau started directing films in 1999. Fascinated by comic books he approached animation, first directing series and then continued with his first feature film “Approved for Adoption” (Couleur de peau : Miel). Released in 2012 and codirected by Jung Sik-jun, the film has received 15 awards at festivals worldwide.

Filmography: Approved for Adoption (animated feature film, 2012) - La Pologne de Marzi (documentary, 26 min, 2009) - Marzi, la chute du communisme (animated serie, 10x3 min, 2009) - Les Rencontres de la BD (web, 52x30 min, 2007-2009) - Sokal, l'art du beau (doc., 26 min, 2007) - Les Chevaux de papier (doc., 52 min, 2006) - Franquin, Gaston et cie (doc., 52 min, 2005) - Spirou, une renaissance (doc., 52 min, 2004) - Les Artisans de l'imaginaire (doc., 52 min, 2004) - Un autre monde ? (doc., 40 min, 2003) - Un collège pas comme les autres (doc., 52 min, 2002) - L'éducation en questions (doc. serie, 2x13 min, 2001) - Un moulin dans le vent (doc., 52 min, 1999).

  Script Attie Albertus, Laurent Boileau, Pierre Coré
  Graphic design Jose Luis Munuera
  Animation Kamal Aitmihoub, Jean-Luc Ballester, Philippe Balmossière,
Franck Bonay, Christian Kuntz, Juliette Laurent, Lionel Marchand
  Backgrounds Bruno Couchinho, Ivan Bonometti  
  Colour Caroline Ardies  
  Compositing David Bouhsira  
  Music Attie Albertus  
  Singer Adam Pascal  
  Editing Laurent Boileau  
  Sound FX Philippe Van Leer  
  Sound editing Quentin Colette  

Philippe Charbonnel

  Producers Attie Albertus, Didier Pasamonik  

54 rue Greneta
75002 Paris
Ph. : (+33) Ø6 03 84 11 78
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