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The Centipede and the Toad

Dir. : Anna Khmelevskaya / 2013 / 10 min / France / Prod. : Fargo



Director, Graphic design, Sets

Anna Khmelevskaya

Anna Khmelevskaya first studied at Minsk's Fine-Arts Academy (1990-1994) and at its University of Linguistics (1994-2000), and then arrived in Paris to study computer graphics and animation at the "Arts Décos" school (2005-2006, graduation film: "Butterfly"). Since then, she works as a graphic designer, animator and storyboarder.

  Script, Editing Anna Khmelevskaya, Fabrice Luang-Vija
Story based on the tale "The Curse of the Toad" by Gustav Meyrink

  Animation Camille Rossi, Vincent Bierrewaerts, Vincent Djinda  
  Voices Elisa de Maury, Christian Leonard  
  Sound, Original soundtrack Christophe Jacquelin  
  Additional music "Luki" by John McLaughlin, courtesy of the author, live version mixed by Marcus Wippersberg  
  Producer Sophie Fallot  

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