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Dir. : Christophe Calissoni and Eva Offrédo / 2009 / 11 min 50 / France / Prod. : Je Suis Bien Content




Christophe Calissoni and Eva Offredo

Christophe Calissoni learned animation at "Gobelins" in Paris, and then studied animation direction at "La Poudrière" in Valence. He works as a 2D animator (traditional, Flash, After Effects) in various Parisian animation studios, on TV series, commercials and billboards.

Eva Offredo is an art teacher and an illustrator, mainly working for children's books.


  Graphique design Eva Offredo  
  Script Christophe Calissoni, Patricia Valeix  
  Sound, Mix Denis Vautrin  
  Music Mathias Duplessy  
  Producers Marc Jousset, Perrine Capron  

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