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Bernard’s Springtime

Dir. : Thierry Onillon, Matthieu Buchalski / 2014 / 8 min 30 / France-Belgium / Prod. : Les Films du Nord



Directors, Script




Thierry Onillon

Born in Paris, I went to Valenciennes to study animation. At first, I was especially interested in literature and theatre, as well as music. Playing the piano also has an important place in my life. It helps me to concentrate and find inspiration. Studying music, and classical music in particular, helps me to approach narrative writing with more sensitivity; music and film both being temporal arts, based on tension and harmony and working with movement. Apart from the projects I have done with Matthieu, I have been working for the past four years in post-production and animation studios in Paris.

Matthieu Buchalski

I grew up in Lille in the North of France and studied digital animation at Supinfocom in Valenciennes. I have been working for the past four years in different animation and special effects studios in Paris, essentially Mac Guff Ligne. My references are mainly taken from painting and sculpture. I particularly like the work of modern artists such as Picasso, Giacometti, Hopper and De Chirico. I am fascinated by the intensely evocative content of their work and the silence that some of them inspire. In our degree show film “Camera Obscura”, Thierry and I were already experimenting with this silence and evocative force. In “Bernard Springtime” we continued our explorations in a different, more narrative way.

  Camera  Eponine Momenceau     
  CGI Animation Thierry Onillon, Matthieu Buchalski , Andrés Gomez, Sophie Diemert  
  Cast Jean-Henri Compere (Bernard), Olivier Bonjour (Sculpture), Emmanuel Plovier (Bartender), Brigitte Mariaulle (Woman with dog), Olivier Chantraine (client)  
  Sets Jimmy Vansteenkiste  
  Music Jimmy Laurent, Alexandre Brouillard, Valery Scholastique  
  Editing Anne-Laure Guegan  
  Sound editing Arnaud Demuynck, Laurence Deydier  
  Editing Philippe Fontaine  
  Mix Nils Fauth  
  Producer Arnaud Demuynck  

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