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The Spring

Dir. : Jérôme Boulbès / 2012 / 15 min 13 / France / Prod. : Lardux Films



Direction, Script, Graphic design, Animation

Jérôme Boulbès

Jerome Boulbès studied illustration at the Parisian school "Arts Decoratifs". He worked a few years in video games and as a freelance technician, and then decided to focus on a more personal work. His first film, "Le Puits" (The Well, 1999), produced by Lardux Films, has been selected in many festivals and received several awards. In his next five short films, he continued to develop his personal fantasy and poetic vision, as well as his exploration of computer graphics' possibilities. In 2007, he entered the artist residency Kujoyama Villa in Kyoto, and returned to settle permanently in Kyoto after a residency at the Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême (France). He teaches animation at Seika University.

  Music Michel Korb  
  Musicians Tokiko Ihara (shô), Rin Matoba (taiko), Reiko Imanishi (koto), Nehito Ishida (kokyû), Didier Malherbe (khên), Michel Korb (programming)  
  Choreography, dance Nicolas Vladyslav  
  Puppeteer Dinaïg Stall  
  Editing  Marc Boyer  
  Modeling  Alexandre Dubosc  
  Motion capture Gilbert Louet – EESI  
  Sound design Morgan Dufour  
  Mix  Adam Wolny  
  Producer Marc Boyer  
  Coproducers Les Trois Ours (Olivier Catherin), TVM-Cineplume  

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