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Dir. : Nicky Naudé / fiction / 2014 / 9 min 40 / France



Director, Script


Nicky Naudé

From an early age, Nicky Naudé was attracted to cinema and to martial arts. At 12, he starred in his first TV movie, and at 18, he became the European Champion of "Full Contact". He began to teach combat sports in order to finance his drama lessons. He figured in more than 40 films, for television (‘Extrême Limite’, ‘Commissaire Moulin’, ‘Navarro’…) and in feature films (‘Les Rivières pourpres’, ‘Le Pacte des loups’, ‘La Mémoire dans la peau’, ‘Arsène Lupin’, ‘Jean de la Fontaine – le défi’, ‘Black’, ‘Les Reines du ring’…). He also worked on staging stunts and fight scenes in films. In parallel, he develops auteur films, since the making of his first short film in 2002, ‘L’Ancien’.

  Cast Nicky Naudé, Remi Martin, Emilie Duchenoy  
  Camera Gerard Thomas  
  Sound Bernard Ory  
  Editing Bruno Lachance, David Maltese, Camille Chevalier  
  Sound editing, Mix Olivier Chane  
  Music Mathieu Vilbert  
  Production manager Khadim Dione  
  Production Destins productions