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Dir. : Florentine Grelier / 2009 / 9 min / France / Prod. : Les Trois Ours & Les Sentinelles Eternelles



script, sets, compositing, editing

Florentine Grelier


Born in Paris in 1985, Florentine Grelier graduated from high-school with a Bachelor of Literature and then headed to a parisian Art School, Institut Sainte-Genevieve. She discovered a great interest in animating materials and stop motion. She graduated in June 2006 with the film “On m’a fait la haine”. Then, she continued film studies in the “Paris 8” University, where she began directing “Ru”, finished in a professionnal context.

  Animation Florentine Grelier and Julien Laval  
  Voices Gaëlle Leroy and Philippe Jevdjenijevic  
  Sound, Music, Mix Daniel Capeille (original soundtrack)  
    Romain Pierrat  
  Producers Olivier Catherin (Les Trois Ours) and Nara Keo Kosal (Les Sentinelles Eternelles)  



Les Trois Ours
99 rue de Bordeaux
16000 Angoulême
Tél. : (+33) Ø5 45 68 96 08
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Les Sentinelles Eternelles
38 rue Dunois
75013 Paris
Tél. : (+33) Ø6 08 73 88 52
E-mail :