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Slippery Grounds

Dir. : François Vogel / 2010 / 10 min. 12 / France / Prod. : Drosofilms



script, photography,
sound editing,

François Vogel

François Vogel’s crazy audiovisual inventions come from the experiments he has conducted with cameras and from his work in digital arts. He manipulates images and concepts, by twisting them like clay ("Cuisine", "Tournis", "Trois petits chats"), or by fragmenting them like crystal ("Rue Francis", "Faux plafond", "Les Crabes").


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  Editing François Colou  
  Sound recording, Pre-mix Alain Cure  
  Mix Bruno Porret  
  Sound FX Eric Grattepain  
  Sound design Mister Yellow  
  Music John Cage ("Sonatas and interludes for a Prepared Piano", excerpts of sonatas n°5 et 7) and François Vogel (original soundtrack)  

9 rue Emile Dequen
94300 Vincennes
Tél. : (+33) 961 41 05 93
E-mail :