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Tsika Jiaby

Dir. : Laurent Pancaccini / documentary / 2015 / 26 min / France



Directors, Script, Camera

Laurent Pancaccini

After Cinema studies and a CGI specialty, Laurent "Charlie" Pancaccini started to work for different post-production Studios in Paris on commercial and feature films, all including VFX work. In 2012 he works for MacGuff Ligne Studio as the visual effects Supervisor of Luc Jacquet's documentary film "Il était une fôret" which allies animation and live shots in the forest. Since then, he alternates visual effects supervision work on set and animation as a graphist. He came back from vacation in Madagascar with a great story on generosity he wanted to share with us through his documentary.

  Editing Laurent Pancaccini, Bertrand Secondo  
  Sound editing Thibaut Menager, Bertrand Secondo  

Laurent Pancaccini