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Tarik Kalbi (My Heart's Road)

Documentary / Dir. : Matthieu Levain / 2012 / 13 min 30 / France / Prod. : Amelimages



script, photography, production

Matthieu Levain

Matthieu Levain is a technician, producer and independent filmmaker. He directed his first short documentary in 2005 "Les Elles". In 2009, he produced and directed a feature documentary: "Herbe" (Grass) released in movie theaters (1st Prize at the Grenoble International Nature and Environment Film Festival).

Filmography :
"Les Elles" (short documentary film, 5'40, 2005, prod.: Amelimages), "Herbe" (feature documentary, 74', 2009, prod.: Amelimages and ADEVA).

  Editing, Animation Romain Strabol  
  Music, Sound editing Jérémie Munerelle