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Dir. : Ulrich Totier / 2013 / 8 min 30 / France-Belgium / Prod. : Fargo




Ulrich Totier

Ulrich Totier studied Visual Communication and Multimedia in Besançon (2002-2005), and then animation at La Poudriere in Valence, where he graduated in 2007 with the film "La Vie des betes" (Beasts' Life). He has directed music videos and worked on various projects as an animator and storyboarder.

  Graphic design Julie Rousset  
  Script Julie Rousset, Ulrich Totier  
  Animation Ulrich Totier, Capucine Latrasse, Camille Rossi, Vincent Bierrewaerts  
  Editing Ulrich Totier, Julie Rousset, Fabrice Luang-Vija  
  Music Ulrich Totier, Christophe Arnaud  
  Sound effects Elias Vervecken  
  Sound editing Philippe Fontaine  
  Mix Nils Fauth  
  Producer Sophie Fallot  

La Cartoucherie
Rue de Chony
26500 Bourg-Lès-Valence
Tél. : (+33) 475 61 54 48
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  Coproduction La Boîte… Productions (Belgium)