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Dir. : Adriaan Lokman / 2019 / 13 min 45 / The Netherlands - France / Prod. : Dark Prince, Valk Productions



Director, Script, Graphic design, Editing, Effects

Adriaan Lokman

Biography: Having graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 1986, Adriaan Lokman was the first to teach computer animation there. He subsequently opened a studio for the production and creation of animation, web design and event concepts. In 1999 he produced and directed his first independent film. Since 2004, he has lived in rural France. Besides the release of a new film and a VR project, he’s currently working on 3D printed installations in combination with video mapping.

Filmography: Barcode (2001), Dicht/Vorm - “Trainspotting” (2002), Shredder (2002), Barcode XL (performance interactive animation 2003), Forecast (2006), Chase (2012), Chase 3D (2012), Barcode III.0 (2013).

  Animation Adriaan Lokman, studios Happy Ship et Polder (NL)
  Sound Samy Bardet, Eric Lonni, Erik Stok, Adriaan Lokman  
  Music Erik Stok  
  Mix Thierry Lebon  
  Producers Wendy Griffiths, Stéphane Piera (Dark Prince)
Richard Valk (Valk Productions)
  Artistic producer Stephane Piera  

Dark Prince
5 passage Piver
75011 Paris
Ph.: (+33) 613 04 62 80

Valk Productions
Kijkduinstraat 48
2014 DE Haarlem
The Netherlands
Tél. : (+31) 650 93 40 02